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JAOO 2000
Slides from JAOO 2000
J�rgen Erik Assentoft, RTX
Presentation: Global multimedia wireless connection, a dream?

Lars Bak
Tutorial: Sun Microsystems Inc.
Automatic Memory Management for the Java Programming Language

Kent Beck, First Class Software
Keynote: Fred Taylor, Making Software, and Conversation
Tutorial: Extreme programming for Beginners

Torben Hagen Britze , LEC
Presentation: The road to a successful e-portal

Frank Buschmann, Siemens Corporate Technology
Tutorial: Component Construction with Patterns

Mark Cathcart, IBM
Presentation: Linux and Java - a marriage made in heaven ?

Thomas Christensen, Nordija ApS
Presentation: Experience from an XP project at Kuwait Petroleum

Alistair Cockburn, Consultant
Tutorial: Designing a Light Methology

Aino Cornils, University of Aarhus
Tutorial: The Pattern Morass

Joakim Dahlstedt, Appeal Virtual Machines
Presentation: A Preemptive User-level Thread System in an JVM for the Server (JRockit)

Jim Farley, GE Corporate R&D
Presentation: J2EE: An Empirical Study

Patrick Fust, Presys
Business: A CRM-system based on EJB

Jens Galatius, Unibank
Business: The CASE of the Banking Revolution

Erich Gamma, Object Technology International
Session: A Java Framework at Work,
Tutorial: - with Kent Bech

Klaus Marius Hansen, Ideogramic
Presentation:Tool Support for Creativity, Flexibility, and Collaboration in Object-Oriented Modelling

Mark Hapner, Sun Microsystems Inc.
Presentation: J2EE Architecture Overview
Presentation: The J2EE Connector Architecture

Lars Handrup, TietoEnator Consulting
Presentation: Jini delivers scalability, reliability and administration services for multiserver applications

Christian Hesselberg, Presys
Business: A CRM-system based on EJB

Christine Hoffmeister, Siemens Corp. Research
Tutorial: Effective Use of UML for Software Architecture Design

S�ren Hilmer, IT+
Tutorial: Java on Lego Mindstorms

David Holmes, DSTC Australia
Tutorial: Introduction to Concurrent Programming in Java
Tutorial: Designing Concurrent Object-Oriented Programs in Java

Andrew Hunt, Consultant
Presentation: On Being Pragmatic
Tutorial: Introduction to Ruby

J�rn Bo Jacobsen, BEA Systems
Presentation: The Importance of a solid and scalable Infrastructure

Hans Peter Jepsen, Danfoss
Presentation: Experiences with OO in a ressource-constrained hard realtime system

Gregor Kiczales, Xerox Parc
Presentation: AspectJTM : Aspect-Oriented Programming using Java(tm) technology

Alexander Kjerulf, Enterprise Systems
Presentation: Practical experiences with use cases in the early stages of a project

J�rgen Lindskov Knudsen, Mj�lner Informatics
Presentation: Object technology in the commercial setting

Craig Larman, Valtech
Tutorial: Learning and Teaching OOA&D and Design Patterns

Dimitri Maesfranckx

Bertrand Meyer, Interactive Software Engineering
Tutorial: Contracts for components

Gregory Murray, Sun Microsystems Inc.
Presentation: Java 2 Enterprise Edition Blueprints

Markus M�ller, Sybase
Support of Sun's J2EE standard in Sybase EAServer 3.6

Knud Henning Nielsen, SU Styrelsen
Business: The CASE of Decentralizing Public Administration

Kristen Nygaard, Creator of Simula
Keynote: Object Orientation - Past, Present and Future. A Personal View

Martin Pamdeth, Inprise
Business: Enterprise Development with JBuilder 4

Thomas Rix, Trifork Technologies
Presentation: Java Web Start

Georges Saab, 4CHARITY.COM
Presentation: Experiences with Java in a California dot com

Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Bell Labs
Keynote: Multiparadigm programming in C++
Session: Standard-Library Exception Safety

Mikkel Asger Svane, CAPUT.com
Business: The CASE of Creating Online Communities

Kristian Elof S�rensen, Icon Medialab
Enterprise JavaBeans in Icon Medialab

David Thomas, Consultant
Presentation: On Being Pragmatic
Tutorial: Introduction to Ruby

Kresten Krab Thorup, Trifork Technologies
Presentation: What's Up With Parameterized Classes?

Scott Violet, Sun Microsystems Inc.
Presentation: Swing I + II (Client Side Java)
Presentation: Java Web Start

Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems
Keynote: Object-Oriented Programming on the Net

Martin S. Wammen, Express Fulfilment Services A/S
Business: The CASE of Sharing a Complex Design Proces with Customers

Jos Warmer, Klasse Objecten
Presentation:UML's Object Constraint Language - OCL
Tutorial: An introduction to UML's Object Constraint Language

Brian Wheeldon, KL Group
Presentation: Designing for Performance in Java

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Wirfs-Brock Associates
Presentation: What Every Java Developer Needs to Know About Roles
Tutorial: The Art of Writing Use Cases

Allen Wirfs-Brock, Instantiations Inc.
Presentation: An Optimizing Compiler for Java