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JAOO 2000

Jim Farley, GE Corporate R&D

Presentation: J2EE: An Empirical Study
J2EE is a rich, broad framework intended to support the implementation of a wide spectrum of designs and design patterns. Even after the individual components, contracts and APIs of the framework are mastered, a common difficulty faced by engineers in such a framework is mapping a conceptual system design onto a viable implementation plan, when many such implementations are possible in a rich framework such as J2EE.

In this talk, we will follow a single hypothetical system through several implementations in the J2EE framework. By following this empirical approach, we will hopefully get a more holistic sense of the J2EE framework, see how and why each API in the framework exhibits its strong and weak aspects, and gain a deeper understanding of the art of effective navigation of the framework.

Tuesday 15:30-17:00

Jim Farley is a technology advisor, architect and occasional evangelist. His past experience includes AI-enabled manufacturing systems, technology enhancement of higher education, and the obligatory time spent on electronic commerce applications. He is the co-author of "Java Enterprise in a Nutshell", and the author of "Java Distributed Computing", both published by O'Reilly and Associates. He is also a lecturer on Java enterprise development at Harvard University.