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JAOO 2000
Jørgen Lindskov Knudsen, Managing Director of Mjølner Informatics
Presentation: Object technology in the commercial setting

Mjølner Informatics has for more than 15 years been involved in commercial projects involving object technologies. In this talk we will give you insight into the diverse utilizations.

We will give you a short overview of the Mjølner System: a fullfledged software development environment for the BETA language - this language is designed in cooperation with one of the inventors of OO, namely Kristen Nygaard.

Then, we will describe the use of OO technology to design and implement the Webvise system - an open hypermedia system. We will illustrate one application of this system in the form of guided tours for an educational library.

Finally, we will describe the application of OO within hardware simulators. Hardware simulators are used to replace custom-based CPUs, either to reduce production costs or to enable more flexible software development and testing. The demands for high performance is achieved through flexible design and techniques like Just-in-time compilation, efficient register allocation, advanced code management, and optimized machine-code generation and execution.

Monday 15:30-16:15

Jørgen Lindskov Knudsen is managing director of Mjølner Informatics and associate professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus.