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JAOO 2000
Allen Wirfs-Brock, Chief Technology Officer Instantiations Inc.
Presentation: An Optimizing Compiler for Java

Object-oriented languages such as Java and Smalltalk promise and frequently deliver significant increases in programmer productivity. However, the object-oriented features that promote programmer productivity seem to be inherently less efficient than classic procedural programming constructs. Does this mean that we will always face an inevitable trade-off between productivity and performance? JOVE is a new, optimizing compiler for Java whose design goal is to eliminate the inherent runtime overhead of object-oriented programming. This talk will explain how this is accomplished.

Wednesday 15:30-16:15

Allen Wirfs-Brock has spent the last twenty years working to make object-oriented programming languages practical for large-scale application development. Allen is currently Chief Technology Officer of Instantiations Inc. Previously, He was Chief Scientist at ParcPlace-Digitalk, Inc. and Vice President of Technology at Digitalk, Inc. Allen lead the development of the first commercial Smalltalk products at Tektronix and was a major contributor to the development of the ANSI Smalltalk standard. Allen has spoken on object-oriented technology at numerous conferences.