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JAOO 2000
Christian Hesselberg & Patrick Fust, Presys
Business: A CRM-system based on EJB

IT is the driving force when a finance house is going to give fast and accurate offers on loans and leasing. If the agreement cannot be made on the spot the trade can be lost. For a market leading Danish bank and a multinational manufacturer, Presys develops an Internet based system which offers profit calculation, payment and credit valuation to retailers. The system is developed with EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) on a WebSphere application server. The core in the financial system is an existing CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) developed by Presys. There are 13 developers on the project at the moment, which is expected to be operating in the beginning of 2001. The specific case and the used technology will be presented at the Conference. Presys´ experiences with converting code between EJB 1.0 (WebSphere) and EJB 1.1 (WebLogic) will also be presented.

Monday 13:00 - 14:00

Project manager Christian Hesselberg, BS in computer science and mathematical economy, more than 10 years experience with developing systems at Presys.
System consultant Patrick Fust, engineer, Java developer on the project, more than 5 years experience with C++.