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JAOO 2000
Mark Hapner, Sun Microsystems Inc.
Presentation: J2EE Architecture Overview

This presentation is divided into three part. The first is a brief overview of J2EE component models, resource access APIs, application packaging, and application deployment defined by J2EE. The second part illustrates how J2EE is used by examining a set of scenarios beginning with a basic J2EE application and incrementally increasing its functionality. The last part covers the the enhancements planned for the next release of the J2EE platform.

Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00

Presentation: The J2EE Connector Architecture
The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Connector architecture v1.0 defines a standard architecture for connecting J2EE technology to heterogeneous enterprise information systems, such as ERP, mainframe transaction processing, database systems and legacy applications that are not based on Java technology.
The architecture defines a set of scalable, secure and transactional mechanisms that describe the integration of enterprise information systems to an application server and enterprise applications.
By using the connector architecture, it is no longer necessary for EIS vendors to customize their product for each application server. The application server vendors who conform to the connector architecture also do not need to add custom code whenever they want to add connectivity to a new EIS.
Wednesday 09:00-09:45

Mark is currently Lead Architect for Java 2TM Platform, Enterprise Edition. In March of 1996, he joined Sun's JavaSoftware Division to participate in the development of the Java database connectivity API (JDBC). Following that he co-authored the Enterprise JavaBeans specification and authored the Java Message Service specification.

Prior to his work on Java enterprise APIs, Mark was a member of Sun's Object Services Group were he wrote several of Sun's initial CORBA object services submissions and worked on the integration of object oriented and relational databases with Sun's ORB.