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JAOO 2000
Lars Handrup, TietoEnator Consulting
Presentation: Jini delivers scalability, reliability and administration services for multiserver applications

While mostly promoted for integrating devices, Jini has been found to be of great value for integrating services of different remote servers. The presentation will present how Jini has provided infrastructure for a socalled Modem Pool Server (MPS) - a Java based application for servicing local telephone switching applications. The resulting application features fail-over on servers and the inclusion of additional servers and services, while the system is in operation thus providing scalability and reliability for the application. Moreover Jini supports administration services of the application in areas such as load balancing and the monitoring of capacity of system resources.

Monday 15:30-16:15

Lars Handrup is working as a consultant, IT-architect and Java specialist for customers and inhouse projects at TietoEnator Consulting. Lars har been working mainly with client/server and distributed systems but has also been teaching customers the ins and outs of Java based software development. Lars is coordinating a network of Sun Authorised Java Centers within TietoEnator.