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JAOO 2000
Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Bell Labs, Creator of the C++ programming language
Keynote: Multiparadigm programming in C++

"C++ is designed to support a variety of programming styles (paradigms, if you must). Here, I'll present some simple examples of object-oriented programming and of generic programming, and demonstrate how these styles can be combined to produce code that is more elegant, efficient, and maintainable than would be possible if we restricted ourselves to a single style/paradigm."

Tuesday 09:00 - 09:45

Session: Standard-Library Exception Safety

This talk presents the guarantees for exception safety offered by the C++ standard library. I explain why these particular guarantees were chosen and illustrate them by implementation techniques that have proven effective in implementing efficient containers with well-defined exception safety properties. I attempt to draw a few conclusions about sound design- and implementation strategies using exceptions to deal with errors in applications that require fault tolerance.
This talk is aimed at experienced C++ programmers.

Monday 11:00 - 12:00