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JAOO 2000
Brian Wheeldon, Senior Systems Engineer KL Group
Presentation: Designing for Performance in Java

The Java platform is capable of high performance. In spite of this, performance remains the number one complaint with Java developers. Many developers contend that Java will never be able to achieve high performance due to the inherent limitations posed by a virtual machine and a garbage collected memory management system. But is there a hard limitation on performance in Java? How can Java applications be designed for maximum performance?

Wednesday 09:00-09:45

Brian Wheeldon began working for KL Group developing tools for UNIX developers in 1991. Brian later joined the Java development team to work on the JClass line of Java Beans, the first 100% pure commercial components for Java. Prior to transferring to KL Group Europe, Brian worked on the JProbe Suite of developer tools that help companies produce robust and reliable business applications in Java. Brian holds an honours degree in Mathematics (Computer Science) from the University of Waterloo. Before joining KL Group, he spent 18 months developing Expert System software for CRI in Copenhagen. Brian now lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.