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JAOO 2000
Mark Cathcart, IBM Corporation e-business Technology Strategist
Presentation: Linux and Java - a marriage made in heaven ?

IBM Linux technology strategist will discuss the advantages of developing and deploying Java applications on Linux and the IBM strategy for Linux and open source and why Java should become an open source technology like Linux.

Tuesday 10:00-11:00

Mark Cathcart is technology strategist to IBM Corporate Technology Marketing where he has responsibility for Linux, Open Source, Java and XML. Previously, he was Principal Consultant for OS/390 New Technology incl. Java, EJB, Component Software, e-business et al. His first presentation to IBM on XML was in late 1997, almost 2-years before the official IBM XML Launch in 9/99. Mark had the first ever demonstration of linking Java to legacy systems at WWW5 in Paris in 1996, and more recently(8/98) was part of the IBM Academy of Technology project to redesign Java for IBM Servers.Mark is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, the IBM S/390 Software Design Council and an IBM UK Technical Staff Member.