Schedule - Presentations tagged with Process

Track: Tutorial


Training: "Behaviour-driven development: writing software that matters"

Speakers: Dan North

Training: "Certified Scrum Product owner - Roman Pichler"

Speakers: Roman Pichler

Training: "Certified ScrumMaster Class - Jeff Sutherland"

Speakers: Jeff Sutherland

Training: "Certified ScrumMaster Class - Jens Østergaard (in Danish)"

Training: "Lean in a Nutshell"

Training: "Modeling, Documentation, and Agile: Reality over Rhetoric"

Speakers: Scott Ambler

Training: "Release It"

Training: "Scrum tuning using Organizational Patterns"

Training: "The Power of Retrospectives"

Speakers: Linda Rising

Training: "The Role of Failure in Successful Software Design"

Speakers: Frank Buschmann

Track: Agile in Practice

Host: Stig Efsen

Presentation: "Agile Modeling and Documentation "Best" Practices"

Speakers: Scott Ambler

Presentation: "Kanban vs Scrum"

Speakers: Henrik Kniberg

Presentation: "Turning on a Sixpence - No Excuses: Concept To Cash Every Week"

Presentation: "Yes, you Really Can Have Agility and High Maturity at the Same Time"

Track: Essential Development Skills

Host: Michael Feathers

Presentation: "Techniques That Still Work no Matter How Hard We Try to Forget Them"

Track: Types of Architecture

Host: Frank Buschmann

Presentation: "Balancing Agility and Architecture"

Speakers: Barry Boehm

Track: iPhone Application Development

Host: Patrick Linskey

Presentation: "iPhone Intelligence: Everything you need to know about launching an iPhone app"

Speakers: Raven Zachary

Track: Documenting Design and Architecture

Host: Frank Buschmann

Presentation: "Software Visualization 101+"

Speakers: Michele Lanza

Presentation: "The Representation of Architectural Knowledge"

Track: Business Drivers and Challenges in Software Development

Host: Michael T. Nygard

Presentation: "Alignment of Business, IT strategy and Enterprise Architecture"

Presentation: "Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics to Prioritize Business Technology Projects"

Speakers: Toby Young

Presentation: "Real Decisions, Real Responsibility, Real Management"

Track: The Heart of Agile

Host: Linda Rising

Presentation: "Deliberate Practice in Software Development"

Presentation: "Delivering Quantified Stakeholder Values with Agile - A Case study from Bring"

Speakers: Kai Gilb

Presentation: "Guiding Your Personal Life -- "Plan-Driven" or "Agile" --"

Speakers: Linda Rising

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