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Philippe Kruchten, Professor of software engineering, Developer of RUP

 Philippe  Kruchten Philippe Kruchten is professor of software engineering at the University of British Columbia, which he joined in 2004 after a 30 year career in industry, where he worked mostly in with large software-intensive systems design, in the domains of telecommunication, defense, aerospace and transportation. Some of his experience is embodied in the Rational Unified Process (RUP) whose development he directed from 1995 until 2003, when Rational Software was bought by IBM. RUP includes an architectural design method, known as “RUP 4+1 views”. His current research interests are in software architecture, and in particular architectural decisions and the decision process, as well as agile software engineering processes.

Presentation: "The Representation of Architectural Knowledge"

Time: Wednesday 14:45 - 15:45

Location: Filuren

Abstract: Designing means making a succession of choices. A "decision view" of architecture embodies architectural knowledge of a higher level, which can be transferred to other practitioners, merged when systems are merged, and offers useful support for the maintenance of large and long-lived software-intensive systems. It gives an explanatory perspective, that illuminates the reasoning process itself and is not solely the result of that reasoning process and it documents aspects of the architecture that are often left tacit and hard to reverse-engineer from the software itself.

Level: Intermediate

Keywords: Software architecture, design, knowledge management, decision, rationale