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Toby Young, CTO at City Index

 Toby  Young

Toby Young recently joined City Index as CTO, and is heavily engaged in understanding how to align techology to a retail facing customer base in a business which is grounded in the principals of financial risk management. Previously at Tullett Prebon, Toby was Global Head of Trading Techonology responsible for a host of systems and techologies covering products ranging from energy and emissions, to algorithmic pairs tradings, through interest rate and money market business, to the world of fixed income and credit.

In this role he was the technology lead on TradeBlade which trades over 25% of the UST Repo market. He started writing assembly on a BBC micro aged 11 because basic just didn't cut it for a game of TRON, taught Fortan to undergrads at university and at one point in the past ended up coding C++ on a PC in a Faraday cage on the back of an Landrover doing 40 mph on a Military exercise in Germany.

Presentation: "Qualitative and Quantitative Metrics to Prioritize Business Technology Projects"

Time: Tuesday 14:45 - 15:45

Location: Rytmisk Sal


One of the key principles of aligning technology to a business is to understand what the priorities are in terms of business value. Traditional ROI type measurements of business value are expensive, inflexible and boring. The creation of a Perception Index is a lean approach that is appropriate to a fast changing business typical of the financial space and it's fun. We'll also discuss the square peg adapter required to fit this into a traditional way of doing things and how making the index transparent is great way for both technology and the business to have a clear view of the road map that your architecture needs to take and why.

Keywords: business value, lean, metrics, ROI, architecture