Deadlines & Contact




Tutorial slides: September 7, 2009: Marianne Munck Basse



If you have any questions regarding being a speaker at JAOO 2009 please contact Marlene Staunstrup Hyldborg



Before arrival


Photo & bios

We need your photo, bio and a one line bio (e.g. creator of ..., loud-mouth on..., founder of...,  Strategist, ... authority, author of..., queen of ...) form your in order for us to have your individual speaker's page as updated as possible.

If you were a speaker at JAOO 2008, QCon San Francisco 2008 or QCon London 2009 we already have uploaded your picture and bios. Please check your individual speaker's page and see if it is all right. If not please send us a more resent picture of you and updated bios.

Furthermore we need your mobile phone number in order for us to contact you in a more secure way than email if necessary.



A presentation abstract should be around 70 words in length, and it needs to contain benefit from your presentation. E.g.: "You will learn to...", "... get an insight into ..." etc.

Furthermore please write

  1. The keywords of your presenation (e.g. Java, .NET, Architecture, Process, Patterns, Web 2.0, Languages, Code-near, Enterprise, Hot topic)
  2. The target audience. Describe in a line or two who would benefik from this talk


Mutual Marketing

Speaker:  If you send us your blog address, titels of books you (co-)authored etc. we would be more than happy to promote these for you on your individual speaker's page (example). Furthermore; we are happy to post your blog entries about the conference, a topic of the conference, comments to the conference program etc. on the JAOO Community Blog. Please send your blog entry to Therese Frost Hansen

We offer a special conference rate to speaker's friends. Please contact Jacob Wölk Stenderup and get a promotion code for your friends to attend JAOO - and share the experience with you - for half the price.

JAOO: Please download the "Speaking/Blogging at JAOO"-banner and/or the one of the JAOO-webbanners and put it on your website, blog etc. and feel free to blog about JAOO too.



Marianne Munck Basse coordinates tutorials. Please contact her if you have any questions regarding room; set-up, special equipment needs etc. You also need to send her a grayscale version and a color version of your tutorial slides - both versions as .pdf files and two slides per page.

Deadline for sending tutorial slides to Marianne: September 7, 2009


Tutorial schedule

Please plan your tutorial presentation (Sunday, Thursday or Friday) according to the schedule below: 

09:00-10:30: Session

10:30-10:45: Coffee break

10:45-12:00: Session

12:00-13:00: Lunch

13:00-14:30: Session

14:30-14:45: Coffee break

14:45-16:00: Session




Hotel, Travel & Registration



If we provide a hotel room for you during the conference the deadline for letting us know when you arrive and depart is August 24, and then we will book the room for you. The hotel will send you a booking confirmation no later than a week before arrival.

JAOO hotel politics: JAOO covers hotel up to four nights unless you are giving a tutorial as well as a presentation. Further nights are on your own and will be charged upon departure or invoiced from Trifork after the conference (special JAOO conference rate). All rooms booked are double rooms.


The JAOO Speaker's hotel is:

Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus

Margrethepladsen 1

8000 Aarhus C

Phone: +45 8612 8665

Fax: + 45 8612 8675


How to get to Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel, Aarhus

From Aarhus Airport and Billund Airport there are special airport busses directly to the Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel or to the train station in the centre of Aarhus.

If you arrive in Copenhagen Airport you can take the train (schedule) directly from the arrival hall in the airport to Aarhus. This is also where you buy tickets.

The conference area is only a 5 minutes walk away from the central train station in Aarhus (Ask for the "Scandinavian Center" or "The Music Hall" and anyone in Aarhus will know where to send you.)



The SAS Group is the official airline for JAOO 2009 and offers you a special discount. Simply qoute this event code DK0954 when calling your local SAS office and save up to 20% on your ticket.


Speaker's registration

JAOO will register all speakers and JAOO covers the conference fee for speakers too. There should be social events to cover for dinner most nights.

On the first day of the conference please come to the Speaker's desk where you will receive your conference badge, a conference bag and speaker's information. It's also here you register for social events.



We would like to make sure we get at least one picture of you at JAOO. Thus we would like to take your picture when you register at the speaker's desk





Please come to your presentation at least 15 minutes before start. Each track will have a host who will introduce you before going on stage and a manager who will help you with practical problems throughout your presentation. Crew members will be guarding the door.

In the presentation rooms you will find a projector, microphone, lapel, a laser pen and there will be wired internet connection for the speaker. Unless otherwise is agreed on, we expect you to use your own laptop for the presentation. It is important that your laptop resolution is set to either 1024 * 768 or 800 * 600 on the VGA output plug otherwise the projector cannot show the screen


Presentation slides

You track manager will have a memory stick to hold your slides for later upload. Please provide your track manager with slides preferably in .pdf format immediately after the presentation.



Each presentation will be evaluated. The attendees will get an opportunity to either give a green, yellow or red note for each presentation. Green = great presentation, yellow = middle presenation, red = not too great presentation. We kindly ask you to inform and encourage the attendees to help us with this. After your presentation you will receive the results of the evaluation from your own presentation at the Speaker's Desk and after the conference we will send you the results to. 

We will also ask you as a speaker to evaluate the conference. We will send you an electronic evaluation form when we send you your presentation evaluations. Please use 2 minutes to fill in the speaker's evaluation form - it's very important for the JAOO Team in order to improve communication with speakers and the conference.


During the conference

As a speaker we hope you have interest in the subject of your track and hope that you like to participate in the track and debate all day.


Social events

All social events are free of charges for speakers!

Monday October 5

  • Exhibitor Reception (18:15-19:00)
  • Conference Party (19:15-24:00)


Tuesday October 6

  • JAOO IT-Run (18:00-19:30).
  • Jam Session (20:00-23:00). You are more than welcome to perform as well. There will be a piano, a bas, a guitar, drums and a microphone for you to use - so now it's time to practice!


Wednesday October 7

  • We would like to invite you to speaker's dinner Wednesday October 7. Please meet us in Archauz at 7 pm for a nice dinner with the JAOO Team and the JAOO Crew