Presentation: "Turning on a Sixpence - No Excuses: Concept To Cash Every Week"

Time: Tuesday 14:45 - 15:45

Location: Store Sal

Abstract: This session takes an inside look at successfully delivering from concept to cash, showing the technical aspects of what is required to iteratively build a robust product that always performs, and the skill and discipline needed to deliver high-quality software to production every week. We'll talk about how we use practices everyday to codify quality through intensive collaboration and driving with story tests; to build in repeatability through automation, system administration and environment ownership; to grow the end-to-end system through iterative contextual optimization, figuring out what to optimize and when; to improve the bang-for-buck by eliminating and preventing waste while maintaining options.

We know this because we wrote one of the busiest entertainment Web sites in the UK - 6 million page views per day - from scratch. Every week we delivered high-quality revenue-generating features to users maintaining the level of technical craftsmanship required to sustain repeated delivery. Our success is born out of an effective working environment and a rigorous approach that enables us to rationalize stakeholders, minimize dependencies, operate all environments including production, focus on what's important and deliver greater value by helping the businesspeople follow the money. Over the past few years we've worked hard to improve our approach and we'll continue to do so. It's the most effective way to deliver that we've found to date and we work with clients who appreciate this and are prepared to invest in their software as corporate assets.

Target Audience: Anyone who's involved in developing software and is interested in getting an inside view of how we use agile principles to get stuff done

Keywords: delivery, effectiveness, iteration, practice, end-to-end
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Gus Power, Co-founder of EnergizedWork

 Gus  Power

Co-founder of Energized Work, a consultancy and software development shop, Gus Power has over 10 years experience in software development across a wide range of domains. He brings together systems-level thinking with an uncompromising test-driven approach.

In his spare time Gus can usually be found on a train, working on Grails plugins, doing various linux-y type stuff or putting together some blog entry he'll probably never post. When on terra-firma you'll probably find him enjoying a quiet pint somewhere, immersed in some Wii game or playing a few tunes on his gee-tar.

Kris Lander, Technical lead and agile coach on web applications

 Kris  Lander

Kris Lander started his career in the middle of the boom and has worked with several major projects on both sides of the Atlantic. Exposure to the dynamic nature of Web application development led him to champion the adoption of lightweight open source frameworks as an alternative to heavyweight J2EE development.

With a strong sense of rigorous engineering principles he has sought out processes and technologies to support the development of high quality software. In the last five years he has concentrated on the technical practices of agile development such as Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration whilst working on projects using Scrum and XP.

For the last two and half years Kris has worked with Energized Work and has been deeply committed to their uncompromising approach to software delivery and their idea of "complete thinking" in product development.