The JAOO/Trifork Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is an easy way to earn money by selling tickets to your favorite software conference in Aarhus (Denmark). When you refer someone to you get $100 for every sale that originates from your site/link - it's that simple. It costs you nothing to become an affiliate and there's no limit on how much you can earn except that we only got 2000 tickets to sell ;-)

How it works is simple:
  • Sign up securely through our affiliate program website
  • Drive traffic to JAOO Aarhus website through links, banners, ads, promotional offers and product links that we provide you.
  • Track your conversions using our online affiliate software, and earn a commission on every sale your website/link generates.
The total commission will be paid to you one month after the conference and the ticket buyer has paid for their registration.

How can I sign up?

Apply Now! Click here to join.


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