Presentation: "Alignment of Business, IT strategy and Enterprise Architecture"

Time: Tuesday 10:15 - 11:15

Location: Rytmisk Sal

Abstract: ATP has since the beginning of 2002 and untill today been doing a complete business transformation with a service oriented architecture as a means of success. The journey has been many faceted and many obstacles have had to be overcome on the way. This session will take you through some of the challenges that ATP has been dealing with and explain how ATP on a continuous basis is working on aligning the business strategy with the IT strategy and actually trying to make IT leverage for the business area. Target Audience: Practicing application and technical architects.

Keywords: Architecture, SOA, Enterprise, Business, Transformation, Strategy, Process

Target audience: Business Architect, IT Architect, Development Manager, CIO, Project Manager
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Jes Rude Dragsted, Head of IT Architecture and Design at ATP

 Jes  Rude Dragsted Jes Rude Dragsted (DK), Head of IT Architecture and Design at ATP. Jes recently joined ATP as responsible for the centralized IT architect function. He has for several years been part of some of the biggest business transformation projects in the financial services business in Denmark in various roles (programme manager, project manager and all the way to developer). Prior to joining ATP Jes worked in some of the big five consultant houses and was in another pension fund in Denmark. Jes main interest is currently related to ensuring that IT architecture really adds value to the business and to ensure that the IT architects in his department have both hands on IT experience as well as generic IT knowledge.