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Michele Lanza, Software visualization authority

 Michele  Lanza Biography - Michele Lanza is a founding member of the informatics faculty of the University of Lugano, Switzerland. He leads the REVEAL research group, working in the areas of software visualization, evolution, and reverse engineering. A Smalltalker to the bone, he was involved in the construction of several visualization and software analysis tools such as CodeCrawler, Moose, and CodeCity. He authored more than enough technical papers and is co-author of the book 'Object- Oriented Metrics in Practice'.

Presentation: "Software Visualization 101+"

Time: Wednesday 16:15 - 17:15

Location: Filuren

Abstract: Despite modern IDEs such as Eclipse, which support the manipulation of code at a higher level of abstraction, in the eyes of many a developer at the end of the day programming is equivalent to "writing source code". In this presentation I'll try to dispel this notion by presenting the principles of software visualization and illustrating some of the bleeding edge research that is being performed in the domain. You will learn that not only can software visualization lead to beautiful pictures of software systems, it may also be the basis of next-generation IDEs.

Level: Absolute, but open minded, beginners

Keywords: Software visualization