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Kai Gilb, Passionate about teaching the Agile community how to deliver Value to Stakeholders

 Kai  Gilb

Kai Gilb has 17 years of experience in developing methods and coaching, training and consulting internationally in Agile development methods and Agile Management methods. Clients include large cooperations like Nokia, Ericsson, Symbian, Credit Suisse, Citibank, Microsoft, Bosch, Schlumberger, Boeing, Qualcomm, Philips Medical, Sony, medium companies like TomTom and small one product companies like Confirmit.

Presentation: "Delivering Quantified Stakeholder Values with Agile - A Case study from Bring"

Time: Wednesday 16:15 - 17:15

Location: Rytmisk Sal


Agile frameworks focus on the development. Value Management focus on delivering maximum Value to Stakeholders for limited development resources.

In this case study you will learn how we surrounded Scrum with Value Management, ensuring that every Product Backlog Item gave maximum effect up the Value chain, from Product Backlog Items to Product Values to Stakeholders Values to Business Values and back. All aligned, all quantified, all Agile.

Keywords: Agile Management, Competitive Engineering, Value Management, Evo, Stakeholder Values, Product Values, Product Qualities. Successful Projects. Happy Customers.

Target Audience: Product Owners and Managers and anyone else with an interest in the ability to, for limited development resources, delivering highly competitive products that deliver maximum Value to Stakeholders. Not for me-too, good enough, commodity sw developers.