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The Heart of Agile

Host: Linda Rising

In February 2001, a group of independent thinkers in the software industry gathered at a ski resort in Utah. They talked about their commonalities and differences and found there was more agreement than they had expected. The largest component of this area of agreement was (Bob Martin was the first to use the term) the "mushy stuff" -- people, values, the trust and respect that lies at the heart of good development practices. Agile teams began to spring up -- XP, Scrum, Crystal, other flavors fought for dominance. But over time, the heart, the core of what agile is all about, emerged. This track will feature engaging speakers who will take us beyond what we currently think of as "agile" and help us return to our roots. This track is about the mushy stuff, the important stuff. We, therefore, want this track to be fun and enjoyable and useful for attendees. We aim to help you in your struggle to be even more agile.