Schedule - Presentations tagged with Enterprise

Track: Tutorial


Training: "Release It"

Training: "The Role of Failure in Successful Software Design"

Speakers: Frank Buschmann

Track: Essential Development Skills

Host: Michael Feathers

Presentation: "Making use of Patterns"

Speakers: Martin Fowler

Track: Java Now

Host: Eberhard Wolff

Presentation: "Java Enterprise Application Standards and why the Industry Moved to Lightweight Open Source"

Speakers: Rod Johnson

Presentation: "OSGi on the Server"

Speakers: Martin Lippert

Presentation: "Typical Java Problems in the Wild"

Speakers: Eberhard Wolff

Track: Types of Architecture

Host: Frank Buschmann

Presentation: "Software Product Lines: Today's Impact and Tomorrow's Potential"

Speakers: Linda Northrop

Track: Documenting Design and Architecture

Host: Frank Buschmann

Presentation: "Engineering in Five Dimensions"

Presentation: "Pattern Landscapes - or What Can We Learn From Dating Patterns?"

Track: Is REST turning SOA's promise into reality?

Host: Stefan Tilkov

Presentation: "Extending the Reach of your SOA with REST"

Speakers: Rachel Reinitz

Presentation: "How to Sell REST to Your Boss"

Presentation: "Hydras and Hypermedia"

Speakers: Ian Robinson

Track: Web-Oriented Data

Host: Kim Dalsgaard Rasmussen

Presentation: "Evolving the Key/Value Programming Model to a Higher Level"

Speakers: Billy Newport

Presentation: "Neo4j -- the Benefits of Graph Databases"

Speakers: Emil Eifrém

Track: Business Drivers and Challenges in Software Development

Host: Michael T. Nygard

Presentation: "Maximum Value, Maximum Speed through Lean Thinking - How Business and IT can Collaborate"

Speakers: Dave Thomas

Track: The Heart of Agile

Host: Linda Rising

Presentation: "The IT Division. Refactored."

Speakers: Richard Durnall

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