Schedule - Presentations tagged with Patterns

Track: Tutorial


Training: "Domain Specific Languages"

Training: "Erlang/OTP System Principles"

Training: "Influence Strategies for Developers"

Speakers: Linda Rising

Training: "Release It"

Training: "Scrum tuning using Organizational Patterns"

Training: "The Power of Retrospectives"

Speakers: Linda Rising

Training: "XUnit Test Patterns and Smells; Improving Test Code Through Refactoring"

Speakers: Gerard Meszaros

Track: Essential Development Skills

Host: Michael Feathers

Presentation: "Clean Code III: Functions"

Presentation: "Making use of Patterns"

Speakers: Martin Fowler

Presentation: "xUnit Test Patterns - Refactoring Test Code to Improve ROI"

Speakers: Gerard Meszaros

Track: Java Now

Host: Eberhard Wolff

Presentation: "Typical Java Problems in the Wild"

Speakers: Eberhard Wolff

Track: Documenting Design and Architecture

Host: Frank Buschmann

Presentation: "Pattern Landscapes - or What Can We Learn From Dating Patterns?"

Track: The Heart of Agile

Host: Linda Rising

Presentation: "Organizational Patterns and Scrum: Fine-tuning your Agile Implementation"

Schedule Subject to Change