Schedule - Presentations tagged with Design

Track: Tutorial


Training: "Behaviour-driven development: writing software that matters"

Speakers: Dan North

Training: "Modeling, Documentation, and Agile: Reality over Rhetoric"

Speakers: Scott Ambler

Training: "Release It"

Training: "Successful Product-Line Engineering - Experiences from the Real World"

Speakers: Frank Buschmann

Training: "Testing Java Programs using JRuby"

Speakers: Ola Bini

Training: "The Role of Failure in Successful Software Design"

Speakers: Frank Buschmann

Training: "Tutorial: Google Web Toolkit"

Speakers: David Geary

Track: Agile in Practice

Host: Stig Efsen

Presentation: "Agile Modeling and Documentation "Best" Practices"

Speakers: Scott Ambler

Track: Essential Development Skills

Host: Michael Feathers

Presentation: "Clean Code III: Functions"

Presentation: "Making use of Patterns"

Speakers: Martin Fowler

Presentation: "Working Effectively with Legacy Code 2"

Track: iPhone Application Development

Host: Patrick Linskey

Presentation: "Enterprise iPhone Application Case: Deutsche Bank"

Speakers: Sumit Rai

Presentation: "iPhone Application Architecture: Forget the examples, how to architect a complex iPhone application"

Speakers: Alex Cone

Track: Documenting Design and Architecture

Host: Frank Buschmann

Presentation: "Design Stories"

Speakers: Kevlin Henney

Presentation: "Pattern Landscapes - or What Can We Learn From Dating Patterns?"

Presentation: "Software Visualization 101+"

Speakers: Michele Lanza

Presentation: "The Representation of Architectural Knowledge"

Track: The Heart of Agile

Host: Linda Rising

Presentation: "Organizational Patterns and Scrum: Fine-tuning your Agile Implementation"

Track: Programming Languages

Host: Mads Torgersen

Presentation: "Dynamic in a World of Static"

Speakers: Mads Torgersen

Presentation: "Thorn - Robust, Concurrent, Extensible Scripting on the JVM"

Speakers: John Field

Track: Solutions: Developer Tools


Presentation: "Jazz: "Drinking our own Champagne""

Speakers: Robin Bater

Track: The Concurrency challenge

Host: Karl Krukow

Presentation: "Actors, and the Forgotten Art of Modeling Concurrent Systems"

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