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Business Drivers and Challenges in Software Development

Host: Michael T. Nygard

Faced with immense challenges, IT managers today are required to deliver software projects that are highly scalable, secure, infinitely fast, and completed in no time: but how? A look into the business drivers and values that impact operational IT is increasingly important with regards to meeting the business requirements.

This track is composed of handpicked speakers and IT specialists, and the theme for the day is the synergy between business and IT, with a focus on the gaps that often exist across business and IT and their different approaches to software development.


  • Achieve greater value of an aligned business and IT strategy
  • Establishment of a technical IT architecture that supports changing business requirements
  • Achieve competitive advantage with far less risk of failure
  • Estimation and prioritization of key business IT projects
  • Optimizing productivity through true leadership

Target audience:
This track is designed for anyone who makes decisions about IT investments, managers that work with IT implementation and technology experts who wish to improve collaboration between business and IT.

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