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Rachel Reinitz, IBM Distinguished Engineer in WebSphere Services and Support

 Rachel  Reinitz Rachel Reinitz is an IBM Distinguished Engineer in WebSphere Services and Support and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. She has built much of IBM’s internal and external intellectual capital and education on SOA, Enterprise Service Bus, and Web services. Rachel focuses on how to get started with SOA and ESB best practices as one of IBM's top ESB experts. She consults with clients and ISVs on how SOA and ESB can be used to achieve their business and technical objectives. She is a frequent conference presenter and written many developerWorks articles on ESB and Web services. Rachel lives in the Bay Area in California, and enjoys hiking, socializing, and international travel.

Presentation: "Extending the Reach of your SOA with REST"

Time: Tuesday 10:15 - 11:15

Location: Filuren


Rachel will explore how you can extend and add value to a "traditional" SOA with REST. She will start by covering the basics of REST, dispel myths about REST, and compare RESTful services with SOAP Web services. The core of Rachel's talk will be about when to and how you can use RESTful services as part of a SOA. She will briefly introduce what IBM is doing to support REST in the middleware as representative of trends in the IT Industry.

Keywords: REST, architecture, web, web service, intermediary, http Target audience: Everyone