Presentation: "OSGi on the Server"

Track: Java Now

Time: Tuesday 13:30 - 14:30

Location: Lille Sal


OSGi is a dynamic module system for Java that allows you to build systems out of components (aka modules aka bundles), lets you define dependencies and visibilities between those components and enables the dynamic installation, de-installation or update of components at runtime. Sounds pretty reasonable to think about how this can be used for server-side applications, eh?

In this talk we will explore the various possibilities for building truly modular and dynamic server applications on top of OSGi. Examples will illustrate application-servers built on top of OSGi, web applications using OSGi, dynamic middle-tiers with OSGi and classical batch-kind-of apps running with OSGi. Beyond this overview-like part we will dive deeper into the building of dynamic applications and illustrate how to use OSGi services together with OSGi-enabled dependency injection frameworks - and explore the challenges behind building truly dynamic server-side applications on top of OSGi.

Keywords: OSGi, Enterprise, Server-Side Apps, Dynamic Apps, Modularization

Target audience: People writing server-side apps and people interested in making their apps modularized and dynamic

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Martin Lippert, Co-founder of it-agile and OSGi expert

 Martin  Lippert

Martin is consultant and coach at it-agile GmbH where he helps teams and organizations to adopt various kinds of agile software development methods and techniques. He also works as coach and tech lead for customers who want to implement modular, flexible, and dynamic business applications on top of OSGi.

Martin has a passion for runtime and enabling technologies and leads the Equinox Aspects project where he integrates aspect weaving into OSGi runtimes to allow true modularization of aspects within OSGi environments. Martin is author of books and articles on large and complicated refactorings, agile software development, and OSGi topics and frequent speaker at various conferences. You can contact him at: and