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Anne Thomas-Manes, Author of "SOA Obituary"

 Anne  Thomas-Manes

Named one of NetworkWorld's "50 Most Powerful People in Networking," in 2002 and one of Enterprise Systems Journal's "Power 100 IT Leaders," in 2001, Manes is a renowned technologist in the Web services space.

Prior to joining Burton Group, Manes was founder and CEO of Bowlight, a software industry analyst and consulting firm. A 24-year industry veteran, Manes was chief technology officer at Systinet, a Web services infrastructure company. She pioneered Sun's Web services strategy and worked at Patricia Seybold Group as an analyst.

As a respected expert on distributed computing technology, Manes has participated in standards development at W3C, OASIS, JCP, UDDI.org, and WS-I. She is a member of the editorial board of Web Services Journal, a leading industry publication. She is a frequent speaker at trade shows and author of numerous articles and the book, "Web Services: A Manager's Guide," published by Addison Wesley.

You will find Anne Thomas-Manes' blog here.

Presentation: "How to Sell REST to Your Boss"

Time: Tuesday 13:30 - 14:30

Location: Filuren

Abstract: You and I know that REST is without doubt the best architectural style to use to develop applications that run on or interact with the Web. Plus it's what all the cool geeks are working on these days. But management is rarely interested in architectural elegance, much less coolness. If your boss has heard of REST at all, he's probably also been fed a bunch of FUD asserting that REST isn't for "real" enterprise application systems. So how do you convince your boss that REST is the way to go? The hard truth is that you must sell the idea based on defensible business benefits, and you must provide evidence to refute the FUD. Come to this session to learn how to build a business case for REST.