Schedule - Presentations tagged with Java

Track: Tutorial


Training: "Domain Specific Languages"

Training: "Java Performance"

Speakers: Kirk Pepperdine

Training: "Release It"

Training: "Testing Java Programs using JRuby"

Speakers: Ola Bini

Training: "XUnit Test Patterns and Smells; Improving Test Code Through Refactoring"

Speakers: Gerard Meszaros

Track: Cloudy Computing

Host: Gregor Hohpe

Presentation: "A Cloudy Spring Day"

Speakers: Rod Johnson

Presentation: "Distributed Computing the Google Way"

Speakers: Gregor Hohpe

Presentation: "How Cloud is working as a disruptor to shake up middleware design"

Speakers: Billy Newport

Track: Essential Development Skills

Host: Michael Feathers

Presentation: "xUnit Test Patterns - Refactoring Test Code to Improve ROI"

Speakers: Gerard Meszaros

Track: Java Now

Host: Eberhard Wolff

Presentation: "Java Enterprise Application Standards and why the Industry Moved to Lightweight Open Source"

Speakers: Rod Johnson

Presentation: "OSGi on the Server"

Speakers: Martin Lippert

Presentation: "Open JDK and What it Means for the Java Developer"

Speakers: Dalibor Topic

Presentation: "The War Against Latency"

Speakers: Kirk Pepperdine

Presentation: "Typical Java Problems in the Wild"

Speakers: Eberhard Wolff

Track: Web-Oriented Data

Host: Kim Dalsgaard Rasmussen

Presentation: "Evolving the Key/Value Programming Model to a Higher Level"

Speakers: Billy Newport

Presentation: "Neo4j -- the Benefits of Graph Databases"

Speakers: Emil Eifrém

Track: Browser as a Platform

Host: David Geary

Presentation: "Introducing Google Web Toolkit (GWT)"

Speakers: David Geary

Presentation: "JavaServer Faces 2.0: Implementing Ajax components"

Speakers: David Geary

Track: Programming Languages

Host: Mads Torgersen

Presentation: "Introducing Clojure"

Speakers: Rich Hickey

Presentation: "Thorn - Robust, Concurrent, Extensible Scripting on the JVM"

Speakers: John Field

Track: Solutions: Spring in a Day

Host: Arjen Poutsma

Presentation: "Extreme Java Productivity with Spring Roo and Spring 3.0"

Speakers: Rod Johnson

Presentation: "Grails in Depth"

Speakers: Graeme Rocher

Presentation: "Meet and Greet with SpringSource"

Presentation: "Operations and Monitoring with Spring"

Speakers: Eberhard Wolff

Presentation: "Seven (or so) Reasons to use Spring"

Speakers: Arjen Poutsma

Track: The Concurrency challenge

Host: Karl Krukow

Presentation: "The Clojure Concurrency Story"

Speakers: Rich Hickey

Presentation: "The Concurrency Revolution: The Hardware Story"

Speakers: Brian Goetz

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