Presentation: "How Cloud is working as a disruptor to shake up middleware design"

Time: Wednesday 14:45 - 15:45

Location: Store Sal


Cloud technology is changing the game. Many of the long held assumptions are being thrown away and this will cause design assumptions which traditional middleware has been built with to be reexamined. This talk describes the traditional environments and how cloud changes the game. It then talks about how middleware needs to evolve to stay cost competitive given the new world thats coming.

Keywords: Cloud, scalability,elastic scaling,provisioning,patterns

Target Audience: Business, Architects, Developers
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Billy Newport, Distinguished Engineer at IBM and creator of IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale

 Billy  Newport Billy Newport is a Distinguished Engineer working on WebSphere eXtreme Scale (ObjectGrid) and on WebSphere high availability. He's worked at IBM since Sept 2001. Besides his current activities, he helped add advanced APIs like the WorkManager APIs (JSR 236/237) and worked on the staff plugin architecture of WPS. Prior to IBM, he worked as an independant consultant at a variety of companies in investment banking, telcos, publishing, yellow pages over the previous 13 years in over 10 countries. He graduated from the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland with a Bachelors in Applied Computing in 1989.