Presentation: "Operations and Monitoring with Spring"

Time: Monday 13:30 - 14:30

Location: Archauz


So you have finished the development of your Spring based application and it is ready for production. Spring gives you a lot of freedom - so which platform should the application run on? And how are you going to monitor it? Often these challenges are the real ones.

This talk will give you an insight on the possibilities - ranging from the well established Java EE server to the lightweight Tomcat / tc Server and the more advanced dm Server. We will also see how to monitor these environments as well as Spring applications running on them.

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Eberhard Wolff, Track Host, Regional Director, SpringSource GmbH

 Eberhard  Wolff

Eberhard Wolff has been working as a developer, consultant and trainer for enterprise solutions based on Java technologies ever since Java became available. He has authored three books including the first German book on Spring. He regularly contributes to conferences and writes articles for several journals. Eberhard is a founding member of the Java Champions and works as Regional Director for SpringSource in Germany.