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Mads Torgersen, Track Host, C# 4 Wiz, Microsoft

 Mads  Torgersen

Mads has been at Microsoft for four years, where he is the language PM for C#, whatever that means. He constantly meddles in designing new language features for C#, and so to get a breather his team sent him here to bother someone else for a change.

Before joining Microsoft, Mads worked as an associate professor in computer science at the university of Aarhus, where he was part of the group that developed wildcards for Java generics.

Presentation: "Dynamic in a World of Static"

Time: Monday 10:15 - 11:15

Location: C103 Music Hall

Abstract: C# is a solidly static programming language, and proudly so. Much of the surrounding world, however, is dynamic, or at least does not render in the static .NET type system that C# builds upon. Interacting with that world used to be painful, but C# 4.0 takes the plunge and provides deep integration of dynamic binding into the language. What are we doing, why do we do it like that, and how does it work? Come and see.