Schedule - Presentations tagged with Ajax

Track: Tutorial


Training: "A practical guide to break barriers with HTML5 & WebSockets and enable a statefull and real-time Web"

Speakers: Peter Lubbers

Training: "Tutorial: Google Web Toolkit"

Speakers: David Geary

Track: Cloudy Computing

Host: Gregor Hohpe

Presentation: "Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground"

Speakers: Beat Schwegler

Track: Web-Oriented Data

Host: Kim Dalsgaard Rasmussen

Presentation: "Neo4j -- the Benefits of Graph Databases"

Speakers: Emil Eifrém

Track: Browser as a Platform

Host: David Geary

Presentation: "A Tale of Two Slippy Maps (Comparing AJAX and Flex)"

Speakers: Scott Davis

Presentation: "Breaking Barriers with HTML5 WebSockets: How to Enable a Stateful and Real-time Web"

Speakers: Jonas Jacobi

Presentation: "Case study: The Web 2.0 front for Denmark's National Healthcare Solutions"

Presentation: "Introducing Google Web Toolkit (GWT)"

Speakers: David Geary

Presentation: "JavaServer Faces 2.0: Implementing Ajax components"

Speakers: David Geary

Track: .NET Platform

Host: Beat Schwegler

Presentation: "Reliability, Availability, and Scalability - How to have your cake, and eat it too"

Speakers: Udi Dahan

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