Presentation: "Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground"

Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:30

Location: Store Sal

Abstract: Cloud computing and specifically Infrastructure, Platform or Software as a Service have a major impact on the way we design and architect applications and systems. But it's not only the technology that changes; The notion of zero capital investment and predictable operational expenses provides new opportunities to customers and vendors likewise. However most companies can't or won't move all of their assets to the cloud. Therefore it becomes crucial to understand the type of applications, services and capabilities which benefit the most from cloud computing. But equally important, we need to manage the coexistence and integration of these offerings into today's reality: Whether this is the existing technology portfolio, the regulatory requirements or the end user experience.
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Beat Schwegler, Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground

 Beat  Schwegler

Beat Schwegler is the Enterprise Lead for early adoption projects in Western Europe. He provides advice and consulting to enterprise companies on software strategy and architecture and he really loves to share his thoughts and ideas and is therefore a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Beat has many years of experience in professional software development and architecture and has been involved in a wide variety of projects, ranging from real time building control systems, best selling shrink-wrapped products to large scale CRM and ERP systems. Recently, his prime focus belonged to the area of Cloud Computing and Software plus Services.

When not typing on a laptop, he might be either reading a book or stretching his back while he is rock climbing in his backyard...