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Christian Hvitved, Software Pilot at Trifork

 Christian  Hvitved Christian is a developer at Trifork A/S. He has been devoted for developing central service applications for the public health care sector for the last 4 years, including a central prescription server handling all prescription in Denmark. At the moment he is excited taking part in the development of the common medicine card.

Presentation: "Case study: The Web 2.0 front for Denmark's National Healthcare Solutions"

Time: Monday 13:30 - 14:30

Location: Rytmisk Sal


We are in the process of creating a common virtual medicine card (CMC) for the public health care sector in Denmark. The purpose of the CMC is to maintain a common repository of the medicine cards of every citizen in Denmark. A medicine card contains the current medication of a citizen and with time all health care systems must interact with the CMC to view or update the medication. We are developing a rich web application for doctors using the application on an every day basis.

This presentation is a case study describing: How we have designed the system. The mistakes we made and what we have learned.

Keywords: GWT, Javascript, DOM, HTML, CSS, Web services, REST, JSON.