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JAOO 2000
Sessions at the JAOO conference Sep. 25-27, 2000
  • Object Orientation - Past, Present and Future. A Personal View.
    Kristen Nygaard, Inventor of Object-Oriented Programming

  • Extreme Programming for Beginners
    Kent Beck, First Class Software

  • A Java Framework at Work
    Erich Gamma, OTI, Switzerland

  • J2EE Architecture Overview
    Mark Hapner, Sun Microsystems

  • Multiparadigm programming in C++
    Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Bell Labs

  • Object-Oriented Programming on the Net
    Jim Waldo, Sun Microsystems

  • The architecture and the benefits of the HotSpot garbage collector. .
    Lars Bak, Sun Microsystems

  • An Introduction to UML's Object Constraint Language
    Jos Warmer, Klasse Objecten, The Netherlands

  • The Pattern Morass
    Aino Cornils, University of Aarhus, Denmark

  • Concurrent Programming in Java
    David Holmes, DSTC, Australia

  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition Blueprints
    Gregory Murray, Sun Microsystems, California, USA

  • Component Construction with Patterns
    Frank Buschmann, Siemens, Germany

  • Contracts for Components
    Bertrand Meyer, ISE, California, USA

  • Enterprise Application Integration
    David Linthicum, SAGA Software, Virginia, USA

  • On beeing pragmatic
    Andy Hunt & Dave Thomas, Consultants

  • How to make advanced designs
    Scott Violet, Sun Microsystems

  • AspectJTM : Aspect-Oriented Programming using Java(tm)technology
    Christina Lopes, Xerox PARC

  • An Optimizing Compiler for Java
    Allen Wirfs-Brock, Chief Technology Officer, Instantiations Inc.