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JAOO 2000

On monday night there is a party for all the participants of JAOO conference 2000. The party includes: Great food, cold beer, a female rock band and entertainment.

The program for the evening and night
18:30-19:00 - Opening and cocktails
19:00-21:00 - Buffet with really nice food
19:00-22:00 - Entertainment - allow us to surprise you...
22:00-01:30 - The rockband "Girl's of '99" playes some serious rock 'n roll
01:30-02:00 - The party ends, last round in the bar at 1:45
The Band

The Menu
Chili-John is up with some hot and nice food!
The Snacks!

The band
"Girls of '99" isen't just a rock-jam band. It is a rock-jam band, which first of all only have girl's playing and secondly the girl's are probably some of the best female musicians in Denmark. The repetoire is wide, from Alanis Morrisette, Sheryl Crow to Spice Girls, Cardigans, Britney Spears and Bryan Adams, presented with no compromise in their entirely own interpretation. So put on your danceshoes and prepare yourself fore wild well-played rhythmes!