Schedule - Presentations tagged with Open source

Track: Java Now

Host: Eberhard Wolff

Presentation: "Open JDK and What it Means for the Java Developer"

Speakers: Dalibor Topic

Track: Web-Oriented Data

Host: Kim Dalsgaard Rasmussen

Presentation: "Neo4j -- the Benefits of Graph Databases"

Speakers: Emil Eifrém

Track: Browser as a Platform

Host: David Geary

Presentation: "Introducing Google Web Toolkit (GWT)"

Speakers: David Geary

Track: Business Drivers and Challenges in Software Development

Host: Michael T. Nygard

Presentation: "Buy it, Build it, Download It, or Browse It? Achieving Effectiveness with Enterprise Applications"

Track: .NET Platform

Host: Beat Schwegler

Presentation: "Object Relational Mapping += 2: More than just data <-> object"

Speakers: Oren Eini

Presentation: "Umbraco, An Open Source Web CMS that Devs Will Like... Really?"

Speakers: Niels Hartvig

Schedule Subject to Change