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Niels Hartvig, Founder of the Umbraco CMS project

 Niels  Hartvig

Niels Hartvig is the founder of the Umbraco CMS project, one of the most popular open source Microsoft.NET applications. In 2007 he turned his passion into his work by founding the startup "Umbraco" where his working full-time with architecting and evangelising the platform.

His been programming since the age of ten where his parents gave him a Commodore 64, but just three (lousy) games. The past ten years his been working with CMS and in 2001 he started the Umbraco CMS project that went open source in late 2004.

When not working on the next version of Umbraco or spending time with his wife and three boys, you'll probably find him making new strange sounds with his synthesizers.

Presentation: "Umbraco, An Open Source Web CMS that Devs Will Like... Really?"

Time: Wednesday 14:45 - 15:45

Location: Archauz


These days a CMS is often hard to avoid when starting new web based projects, but for some odd reason they tend to get in your way. With Umbraco there's finally a free Open Source Web CMS based on Microsoft.NET that respects developers, so get a fast paced introduction on how it works and how it honors your way of working instead of the other way around. Be warned as this introduction might include integration with speaking rabbit robots, Lego Mindstorm and Missile shooting USB tanks.