Schedule - Presentations tagged with Languages

Track: Tutorial


Training: "Advanced Ruby"

Speakers: Sam Aaron

Training: "Domain Specific Languages"

Training: "Erlang/OTP System Principles"

Training: "Erlang: A language for programming reliable systems"

Training: "Getting Started With F#"

Speakers: Don Syme

Track: iPhone Application Development

Host: Patrick Linskey

Presentation: "Introduction to Objective-C"

Track: Browser as a Platform

Host: David Geary

Presentation: "Case study: The Web 2.0 front for Denmark's National Healthcare Solutions"

Track: Programming Languages

Host: Mads Torgersen

Presentation: "Dynamic in a World of Static"

Speakers: Mads Torgersen

Presentation: "Intentional Software"

Presentation: "Introducing Clojure"

Speakers: Rich Hickey

Presentation: "Thorn - Robust, Concurrent, Extensible Scripting on the JVM"

Speakers: John Field

Track: The Concurrency challenge

Host: Karl Krukow

Presentation: "Actors, and the Forgotten Art of Modeling Concurrent Systems"

Presentation: "Data Parallel Haskell"

Presentation: "The Clojure Concurrency Story"

Speakers: Rich Hickey

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