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Vivek Prahlad, ThoughtWorks

 Vivek  Prahlad Vivek Prahlad is a Tech Lead at ThoughtWorks Studios, where he helps build Twist, a next generation Functional Testing tool. He has been with ThoughtWorks for the past 6 years. During his career, Vivek has worked as a Technical Lead, Agile Coach and Project Manager. Vivek is also the author of Frankenstein, an Open Source testing tool for Swing applications.

Presentation: "Domain Specific Languages for Functional Testing"

Time: Tuesday 16:15 - 17:15

Location: C103 Music Hall

Abstract: Most software professionals believe that testing software is essential to quality. Where people insided the industry differ is how to accomplish that testing - strategies vary by level of the application tested, tools, methodology, amount of automation, and who completes the testing itself. The aspirational desire is to ship high-quality bug-free software no matter how one gets there. This talk will get around automation, refactoring DSLs, tools and collaboration.