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Roman Strobl, Technology Evangelist, JetBrains

 Roman  Strobl Roman Strobl works at JetBrains as a technology evangelist. He has more than 12 years of software development experience in Java and various dynamic languages. Before joining JetBrains Roman worked at Sun Microsystems on the NetBeans and OpenSolaris projects. Roman is a frequent speaker at software conferences including Community One, Sun Tech Days, various Java events, and JUG meetings. Roman founded Czech Java User Group and enjoys supporting the Czech developer communtiy. Roman's current passion is evangelizing IntelliJ IDEA and exploring new languages which run on top of the JVM.

Presentation: "Productive Development with IntelliJ IDEA"

Time: Tuesday 14:45 - 15:45

Location: C103 Music Hall


IntelliJ IDEA is a very productive Java IDE, but it can take quite some time to learn how to take advantage of all of it's advanced features. During this session you will be able to learn many different tips and tricks for using IntelliJ IDEA and discover new keyboard shortcuts, that will make you more productive. We will look at some of the principles behind developer productivity such as development by intentions and why using mouse is bad for your concentration.

Then we'll look at using individual features that boost productivity including using fast navigation, using smart code completion, previewing other classes without exiting current file as well as using camel case everywhere. We'll also look into how to improve quality of your code using inspections, various refactorings and how to analyze dependencies in your code.

Finally you'll discover some of the less known features such as generic action execution, structural code replace, detecting data flows and other features developers may not be aware of.