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Jason Davies, Independent Consultant

 Jason  Davies Jason Davies is a freelance Web developer based in London. Originally from the wilderness of North Wales, he studied Computer Science at Cambridge University before setting up his Web development company, Jason Davies Ltd. He is now a committer on the Apache CouchDB open-source project. You can find Jason Davies on Twitter here

Presentation: "CouchDB from 3,333km"

Time: Monday 16:15 - 17:15

Location: Filuren


This presentation takes a look at CouchDB from 3,333km. We try not to lose you in technical details and paint the big picture that you need to understand CouchDB's strengths and weaknesses.

CouchDB is a document oriented database. It does not adhere to the relational principles of traditional databases. You will learn what that means for your application design.

CouchDB's replication support solves the problems of high-traffic web sites, distributed peer-to-peer, and offline applications all at the same time. We show you what kind of applications you are able to build with that.

However, CouchDB is no Silver Bullet and there are cases where it is a poor fit. You will learn how to decide when to use it for your project and when you are better off with a different solution.