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Failure Comes in Flavors (long talk)

Host: Kresten Krab Thorup

This track features two talks, that can be seen seperately, but make most sense together. Part I The typical JEE application does not reach the fabled "five nines" of availability. Far from it. It's more like "double eights". Come see why enterprise applications and web sites are only serving users 88% of the time instead of 99.999%. Part II What can we do about the dismal uptime of typical applications? We are asked to provide "five nines", but only reach 88%, on average. Come learn how to prevent the Stability Antipatterns from biting you. Apply these Stability Patterns to contain damage, recover from shocks, and survive disasters.
Track: Failure Comes in Flavors (long talk)
Host Kresten Krab Thorup
Location: Kammermusik Download slides
Location: Kammermusik Download slides