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We thank you all for a great conference and we hope to see you again in 2009, October 4 - 9. Mark the dates!
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JAOO 2008 Topics

A Developers Guide to the Microsoft Platform // Architecture // Being Agile // Build // Cloud // Component Models // DSL // Data Base // Developer Best Practices // Developer Feedback // Developing Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) // Edutainment // End User Programming // End user experience // Enterprise 2.0 // Failure Comes in Flavors // High Performance, Scalable //  Java // Java History and Outlook // New Developments and Technologies in .NET // Programming Languages // Railing // Real men don't  do JavaScript // Scaling Agility // Social Network Programming // Sync //

JAOO Speakers

  • Anders Hejlsberg, Technical Fellow, Microsoft
  • Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks
  • Frank Buschmann, Siemens Corporate Technology
  • Lars Bak, Google Inc.
  • Michael T. Nygard, Author of "Release It! Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software"



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September 9, 2008, Kbh.
Instruktør: Jens Østergaard

September 18, 2008, Aarhus
Instruktører: Gabrielle benefield

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Google Chrome at JAOO

As the first conference (outside Google) to have a technical presentation on Google Chrome, we are proud to present Lars bak, who will discuss the V8 in Google Chrome, which was developed in Aarhus, Denmark.

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JAOO International

JAOO is expanding to other locations in Europe, Australia and US. For some locations we have established partnership with InfoQ on conferences called QCon - the first took place in London March 12-16, 2007. The next will be in San Francisco, November 17-21, 2008.

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