Social Events & Technical Networking 

Social Events

During the conference week you have the opportunity to join social events in company with other conference participants.


Meet the exhibitors, have a glass of wine or a beer and hear about the newest and latest from the exhibitors.


After the last keynote JAOO invites all participants and speakers to a conference party with delicious food, bar and live misic. The swing band "Hack Pack" strike up to a night with great fun. This is quite a popular party!

Register for this social event Monday morning when you receive your conference badge. The party is free of charge for conference participants.

Tuesday: JAOO IT-RUN

Tuesday evening the JAOO IT-Run takes place for the seventh year running. We hope to see a lot of JAOO participants running a Danish mile (7.532 kilometers).

The race has start and finish line next to Ridehuset, and at the race you are running through the Art Museum ARoS.

Register for this social event when you register for the conference as well. The JAOO IT-Run is free of charge for conference participants.


We repeat last year's success and invite you to participate in our Jam Session. Notice that everybody is welcome, also as an audience ONLY. The JAOO house band is looking forward to playing with you, and they provide instruments: There will be a piano, a bas, a guitar, drums and a microphone for you to use - so now it's time to practice. We'll serve a snack and beer in order to get an cosy night with good music. 

Every Day: Official JAOO Bar

The cosy Sidebar is the official JAOO Bar for JAOO attendees. This includes:

  • A free JAOO cocktail for all attendees showing your coupon (is included in the welcome letter)
  • Free wi-fi access for any attendees
  • 10% discount on all purchases for attendees

Find Sidebare in Skolegade 21 in the center of Aarhus


Technical Networking

- Be involved, explore and discuss

Tuesday: BoF's

Attendees self-organize into their own sessions; just post a session description on the bulletin board located at the Info Booth to announce your session and allow people to sign up to attend. We start out from the Info Booth at 17 PM, and the BoFs end at 19 PM. Refreshment and a light meal will be served.

Wednesday: MEET THE SPEAKERS - Official Conference Ending

A chance to discuss with the speakers, or get the answers to the questions you never got the opportunity to ask.  Find the speaker in the exhibition area after the last presentation of the conference Wednesday afternoon and look for the signs showings your favorite subject.


A place to geek out in the cafe area.  The speakers can take extra questions to this area to discuss details.  Laptop power available.