.NET Client Applications

Host: Michael Stal, Siemens CT

The goal of the .NET Client side track is to present exciting, new paradigms and technologies for building .NET client applications......

.NET Enterprise Development

Host: Ted Neward, Independent consultant

.NET is growing heavily in deployment for enterprise systems, and continues to be augmented with new technologies from Microsoft such as the Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation.

Abstractions for Concurrency

Host: Erik Meijer, Microsoft

This track will provide concrete advice on how to write correct and efficient distributed and concurrent applications today. The track also gives a peek into future technologies such as transactional memory, data parallelism, and orchestration to make concurrency more tractable for the working programmer tomorrow.

Architecture Quality

Host: Frank Buschmann, Siemens AG

This track explores different approaches to measure and evaluate the quality of a software architecture

Back to the Future

Host: Dave Thomas & Ole Lehrmann Madsen

Increasingly many of today's platforms, languages, and applications are surfacing concepts which have been very successfully applied in the past.

Domain Specific Languages, and Beyond

Host: Markus Völter, Independent Consultant

This track covers a broad range of topics in this area, covering both ideas about how these notions influence thinking in programming language development, and how you can use this to be more effective in the problems you face every day.

Emerging Web Technologies

Host: To be announced

This track covers some current trends in technologies and frameworks for programming web applications. Two years ago AJAX was practically unknown, now it is all over the place; but...

Java Rich Client Development

Host: Kai Tödter, Siemens

In this track we will cover a range of Java client-side technologies, and hopefully find some time for interesting discussions on pro and cons for these various techniques.

Keynote Sessions

Host: JAOO Program Committe

JAOO Keynotes features some of the most prominent, thought-provoking speakers. Keynote sessions are all plenary. Don't miss these ... you're in for a treat.

Modeling and Designing Enterprise Applications

Host: Martin Fowler, ThoughtWorks

Abstract to be announced

Open Source Enterprise Java

Host: Bruce Snyder, LogicBlaze

Open Source software has been used for years in tools, frameworks and libraries. But only recently open source software is also as the key component in Enterprise systems.

Performance in Modern Enterprise Systems

Host: Eberhard Wolff, Interface21

In this track we'll look into both principles that govern performance in such systems, as well as best practices for coping with the complexity.

Relational Databases

Host: Mogens Nørgaard, Miracle AS

In response to many requests, JAOO this year includes a special database-centric track

SOA - What's Left to Say?

Host: Gregor Hohpe, Google, Inc.

In this track you will learn where SOA works and where it doesn't, while gaining insight into how you can develop practical SOA based systems using technology available today.

What Makes Agility Work?

Host: Jutta Eckstein, Independent Consultant

Not every project is succeeding using agility. This year we concentrate on the things that make agility work.

What Makes Ruby Roll?

Host: Obie Fernandez, ThoughtWorks

This track provides in-depth on the Ruby language, frameworks, and best practices for programming Ruby.