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The themes for 2002 are as follows:

Are you Agile
Web Services
J2EE Technology
J2EE Applied
Java Everywhere
Tools for Software Development
Software Architecture
The "Tomorrow Track"

In addition to these, there might be a few off-beat talks, or a keynote speaker who doesn't fit, but in general these will be the themes. The following few sections outline our ideas for these themes.

In recent years, advances in methods for developing software has been highly focused on so called "agile software development processes". We would like to cover both best practices and new ideas for pushing the software development process. In this track, we'll be inviting both "gurus" that are the ones defining what agile means, as well as developers, managers and customers that can report from their experiences.

These days it seems that everyone is shouting "web services" everywhere. We'll be covering both fundamentals of web services, but also more critical reviews of where this technology is going.

As the J2EE technology continues to solidify, we are still focused on bringing the best of J2EE technology news to the conference. The speakers here includes some of the top people defining where the technology is moving, and why. We'll also have hard-core coverage of J2EE performance, and techniques for optimizing your J2EE applications.

Now, it is fine to hear about all the new J2EE techhonolgies comming up, but most developers are finding challenges in handling and learning the technology today. In the JE22 Applied track, we'll focu on how to be sucessful with todays J2EE techonolgy, understanding the pros and cons of various approaches, and so on.

The field of software development tools is largely controlled by a few large players, and the subject of tools is often not covered at software development conferences. We'd like to make up for this, inviting some of the key architects behind the major development tools to come and explain the hows and whys of their designs.

Software architecture and methods are considered as two key success factors for every serious software development project. A high-quality software architecture is a prerequisite for applications that want to meet both their functional and non-functional requirements. Software development methods aim at creating such software architectures in a precise and constructive manner. Yet it still is surprisingly hard to build high-quality software architectures, even with modern software development methods, so we'd like to explore the secrets of such architectures as well what modern software development methods contribute to building them.

Recent years have seen Java clients extend into practically every little device there is. Mostly, this has been the case with mobile phones and PDA-like computers, but we are starting to see Java many more places, and put to use in a wealth of different ways. Here we'd like to present advances in "small Javas" and the challenges that lie in making Java real in such cramped spaces.

As always we're open to new sparks and subjects. The tomorrow track covers the future perspective - what is going on in our communities?


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