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JAOO 2002 is the sixth JAOO conference in a row organized by EOS.

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In 1996 EOS started the JAOO conference. The ambition was to establish an annual event about Java and object orientation. Java was still a new language in 1996, but as we all are aware things have happened quickly.

Since the very start the JAOO Committee has worked on making the conference a highly estimated and serious conference. Every year the conference have grown bigger in both participants and number of presentations and tutorials. The conference have succeeded in growing bigger without giving call of quality as supposed to quantity. In 2001 the conference had 600 participants from northern Europe.

The speakers are invited from especially Europa and US. Speakers are highly estimated researchers and engineers, and the Conference Committee tries to catch the latest and hottest news while remembering the basics of ideas, languages and practise.
Among the speakers the JAOO conference have achieved this flattering reputation of being a small and cosy but also very seriuos conference.

This is the conference where the participants really have a chance to meet "stars" both socially as well as an opportunity of listening and questioning during presentations.

Organizing the JAOO conference is only one of many projects from EOS. Today the activities in EOS are split up in 3 different companies.

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The Trifork Application Server is fully J2EETM 1.3 certified.

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Developing and maintaining clinical information systems

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Education and certification in Java, OO and Project Management


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