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Robert Turrall

Robert Turrall has in excess of 17 years' experience in the IT world, after having studied Information Technology and Computer Science in the UK. After working in analysis/design and programming positions in various companies, he ran his own successful IT consulting company for five years before leaving the UK to live and work in Switzerland. After several years of experience in marketing and sales roles forcompanies such as Sybase, Software AG and Softwired, Mr. Turrall joined iO in February 2002. Mr. Turrall is responsible for iO business alliances and the ArcStyler Partner program and also fulfils various internal marketing roles within the company.


Introduction to the Concepts of Model Driven Architecture
Wednesday 10:15 - 11:00 (Java Room)

Introduction to the concepts of Model Driven Architecture MDA - Model Driven Architecture - an initiative being driven by the OMG, has the potential to become the standard approach for the development of large software systems and architectures. The initiative goes far beyond traditional applications of middleware and delivers concepts for architecturally driven development of future-proof, interoperable applications.

The basic idea behind MDA is to describe a software system at a very high level of abstraction. Beginning with the creation of platform-independent models, the system is refined iteratively until one finally arrives at a platform-specific model. The final application infrastructure is then, ideally, generated from this model. The system components that are created during this generation step are then automatically distributed between the various infrastructure runtime components.

The presentation will not only describe the concepts of MDA but also show how, with the support of an end-to-end Architectural development platform, J2EE 1.3/EJB 2.0 applications and Web Services can be developed following the MDA approach.

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