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Peter Zadrozny
BEA Systems

Mr. Zadrozny has been in the computer industry since 1976 when he started working with the Unix operating system (research version 6). Since then he has been actively involved in developing and integrating applications in the areas of artificial intelligence, compilers, nuclear engineering, computer security, CAD/CAM, oil and gas, and large On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems. He has also designed and administered large computer networks, having been responsible for the design and implementation of one of the first large commercial Unix based networks in the United States.

Currently he is the Chief Technologist of BEA Systems for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Previous to this position he has held various executive and technical roles in many countries around the world for companies such as Macromedia, McKesson, Electronic Data Systems, Petroleos de Venezuela and Sun Microsystems, for whom he started their operations in Mexico.

Mr. Zadrozny is the author of the book "J2EE Performance Testing" (Expert Press), co-author of "Professional J2EE Programming with BEA WebLogic Server" (Wrox Press) and Founding Editor of the "WebLogic Developer's Journal" magazine. He has written many papers and articles, and is a frequent speaker on technology issues around the world. He was closely involved with the Sun User Group and the Usenix organizations. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from Universidad Simón Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela.


J2EE Performance Testing with a look at the performance of individual J2EE features and design patterns
Tuesday 13:00 - 13:45 (Conference Hall)

Performance is the single biggest issue facing J2EE Application developers and is the major concern of organizations considering J2EE adoption. This presentation provides the methodology and tools required to obtain reliable performance data for J2EE applications running on any Application Server. The methodology is straightforward and flexible, providing a framework for deciding what to test, what to measure, and how to interpret the results.

As such, the methodology will allow you to understand how your J2EE applications will perform in a production environment and also to investigate the performance of key J2EE APIs such as Servlets, JMS and EJBs, informing decisions that you make about J2EE architecture. In particular various EJB design patterns will be explored from the performance point of view.

This is a technical seminar. The intended audience is developers, application architects, technical managers and IT operations managers.

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